ICD-10 Assessment: Documentation Readiness Evaluation

ICD-10 Case Dissection

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Documentation will become critical with ICD-10

One of the largest problems following the October 1, 2014 implementation date for ICD-10 will be documentation insufficient to support the specificity required for the new ICD-10 code sets. For many organizations, this has been forgotten among the other education, training, and implementation objectives. A recent study evaluating the assessments of more than 3,000 medical records across the country revealed that on average, only 37% of the current physician documentation would support the newer standards that will be required by ICD-10. 

If your office is fully prepared for ICD-10, but clinical documentation has not improved, accurate coding and proper payment will not be possible. A behavioral change in documentation habits for most providers will be necessary—and now is the time to start preparing.

A clinical documentation ICD-10 assessment will:

  • Validate sufficient ICD-10 documentation
  • Identify ICD-10 clinical documentation deficiencies.
  • Identify ICD-10 training specific to your needs.
  • Avoid an increase in denied or unbillable claims.
  • Prevent an interruption in revenue.

ICD-10 Assessments start as low as $200 per provider